Fire and Rescue Innovation Finland specializes in developing new firefighting tools and methodologies to create a safer and cleaner working environment for firefighters around the world.

Fire and Rescue Innovation Finland manufactures innovative tools for exterior offensive firefighting. Smoke diving is risky and exposes the personnel to carcinogenic pollutants in the smoke. Using our approach, smoke diving is not needed to put out a fire.

A novel challenge for fire departments are Lithium-ion battery fires. We have developed a Lithium-ion battery fire cover for small and medium size batteries as well as electric vehicles.

FRIF is specialized in the fire safety of Lithium-ion batteries and we train organizations to mitigate risks associated with these batteries and to prepare for battery fires. We also consult organizations on risk assessment and protection methodology in dealing with battery fires.

With modern technology and innovation we create solutions to problems in the field of fire and rescue, today and in the future.