Training and risk assesment consultation for organisations that use Lithium-ion batteries

Fire risk with Lithium-ion batteries is small, but is such a fire ocurs, it will be very difficult to put out and fire damages easily reach high numbers economically. It is possible to deal with the risk by means of preparedness and fire suppression methodology.

When a battery fire occurs, it is important to recognize the fire and to know how to act on the situation. We deliver training for organisations to be ready and to know what to do in the situation.

A battery fire behaves very differently than fires in general, so also the countermeasures have to be different. Our training focuses on giving adequate and accurate advice and hands on experience.

Larger Lithium-ion batteries, such as bicycle batteries, require long charging periods of several hours. To fully charge a bicycle battery can take up to seven hours. As the battery fire risk is elevated during charging, it is important that attention is paid to the charging process and the fire risk is addressed.

FRIF delivers top expert knowledge and up to date training for your organisation, both in preparedness and suppression. We can organize training either on site or remote.

We are specialized in the safety of battery systems and energy storage systems of industry, companies and public sector. Our model of operation is always based on thorough risk assessment and selection of the most suitable, cost effective methods for delivering safety and business continuation.


Marko Hassinen

Tel. +358 40 549 5551

Ph. D. Cyber security

Certified Information Systems Security Specialist (CISSP)

Part time unit commander at Fire and Rescue services since 1990

Marko Hassinen has worked part time at the fire department of Pohjois-Savo since 1990 as a unit commander. At the Emergency Service Academy he worked 10 + years as a senior researct scientist responsible for developing fire suppression methodology and rescue methods. During that time he did very extensive test series of Lithium-ion battery fires. The National Fire Protection Fund ha awarded him three times with the Innovation Award.