BATCOVER is a battery fire blanket for small and medium size Lithium-ion batteries.

Fires of Lithium-ion batteries are a hot topic for the fire departments, mainly due to the toxic gases emitted in these fires and secondly the quite difficult nature of putting out these fires.

We have developed a solution to combat the fires of small and medium side batteries. These fires a practically impossible to be safely put out by a civilian, but requires a professional firefighter with full turnout gear and professional extinguishing system. In the tests carried out by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), both purpose made handheld _ithium-ion battery fire extinguishers and ordinary fire blankets proved to be both inefficient and unsafe due to the toxic smoke, jet flames and burning projectiles. The fire did not go out with the handheld extinguisher and the fire blanket failed instantly with a hole that burned into it.

Batery fire blanket

Lithium-ion batterfy fire emits long jetflames, up to several meters and burning projectiles that can fly more than 15 meters from the battery. This means, that a battery fire spreads extremely quick to the surroundings. The BATCOVER battery fire blanket can stop both projectiles and jet flames. It effectively stops the fire from spreading and is very easy to use. Covering the battery with the blanket takes only a few seconds making it clearly the safest countermeasure against battery fires on the market. The toxic gasees of battery fires makes handheld extinguishers unsafe to use, as the user will not be able to hold breath for as long as it takes to empty the extinguisher.

The BATCOVER also contains large portion of the impurities emitted by a battery fire, making it much safer to evacuate the space. Also there is less contamination to the premises.

Video of a burn experiment in which a (550 Wh) bicycle battery is burned under the blanket.
Video of a burn experiment demonstrating the fire spread limiting properties of the blanket.

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A patent has been applied for the blanket, application number P22006FI.

Lithium-ion battery fire extinguishing using a handheld extinguisher or an ordinary fire blanket

Video by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, extinguishing experiments of Lithium-ion battery fires using an ordinary fire blanket.
Video by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, extinguishing experiments of Lithium-ion battery fires using handheld extinguishers.